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TRULINE - Invisible Orthodontics

The TRU-LINE™ Invisible Orthodontic System is the exciting way to straighten teeth without conventional braces. The TRU-LINE Invisible Orthodontic System uses a series of unique custom fabricated  transparent plastic aligners to gently move teeth to their ideal position.

 TRU-LINE differs from other systems as it uses where appropriate  our proven custom fabricated auxiliary appliances  such as the iexpander ™  for better and more efficient results! 

The number of dental professionals treating patients with TRU-LINE IOS™ is ever increasing and now you can join them today and take this opportunity to undertake basic training at NO CHARGE. The Truline Online Course is now availble free of charge contact us for more details.

By using a proprietary systematic approach, the TRU-LINE Invisible Orthodontic System™ has become a very effective method to treat many types of orthodontic cases. The appliances are comfortable and well accepteted by patients and they look great in fact they look like thay are wearing nothing at all tru-ly invisible orthodontics!